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An article about Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

Sarah Howcroft


The word Shaman comes from the Tung tribe of Siberia, meaning healer or one who sees in the dark, but there are many words in many cultures to describe a person who works in trance to communicate with and be guided in the spirit worlds. The word Shamanism has come to be used to describe a system of very ancient knowledge which has been used by our ancesters since the dawning of human spirituality. This knowledge incorporates respect for all beings, the power of nature, a fundamental understanding of the need to work with spirit in all things, and it has much to offer us in these changing times.


Over tens of thousands of years, our ancient ancestors discovered and developed our human abilities for healing and problem solving. This remarkable system of knowledge is today known as Shamanism; it is the earliest spiritual practice known to humankind, dating back possibly 100,000  comes years and the word Shaman  comes from the Tung Tribe of Siberia meaning healer or who sees in the dark. Practices are based on certain knowledge and beliefs.

The animistic beleif that all things have a spirit, a blue print, or creative force, which animates them and their own consciousness, which can be communicated with.

Everything consists of energy which can be moved and transformed in the web of life, all things are interconnected and affect one other and should be respected.

All dis-ease has spiritual origins so by identifying the problem and putting right the flow of energy, healing can be facilitated.

All modern forms of healing have originated from this knowledge.In indigenous cultures the Shaman has traditionally been the the doctor, healer, counsellor, herbalist and oracle for the tribe, getting guidance about where to hunt or to find food or water and talking to the plant spirits about how to use them for medicine. The fact that Shamanic methods are still in use after many thousands of years is testimony to their effectiveness- they produce practical results.


Shamanic techniques all over the world are based on a few basic practices and modern core shamanism brings together these key elements, without any particular cultural slant, although many practitioners still use ethnic techniques. Shamanism carries no dogma, requires no religious beleif and is non judgemental. the most common pratice is the shamanic journey in which the shaman uses monotonous drum beat, rattle or chant to enter a trance state, and travels into the realms of spirit to consult with guides for healing or divination.These invisible realms are what the Celts referred to as the Otherworld, the Aborigines the Dreamtime, the Norse Nine Worlds, the pagan Summerlands. Many traditions talk of three worlds connected by the World tree, the Lower World, a beautiful, earthy dimension, where one connects with power animals,the Upper World, often perceived as an ethereal, bright place where one connects with guides in human or angelic form and the Middle world, the spiritual dimension of our physical world with all its beauty creativity and indeed trickery strangeness and humanity.



A shamanic healer typically uses a repertoire of healing methods, such as energy healing, body work, and sound, as well as healings done using the shamanic journey, which most commonly include power and soul retrieval and extraction.

Soul retrieval is a powerful healing for those needing a quantum leap along their life's path, it is healing that requires genuine commitment and should not be under taken lightly .Soul loss can happen at any time when traumatic life events occur, for example at birth, emotional or physical abuse, bullying accident bereavement, extreme stress or relationship difficulties. A part of the soul's essence splits off and goes away to preserve itself- in the mean time, the full life force is not present or able to function, causing symptons and problems.

Symptoms of soul loss include among other things

A feeling of not being "all there"


Disempowerment and struggle out of touch with creativty

Relationship difficulties

Sexual problems

Inability to focus



Restoring part of  the client's personal power in the form of their power animal,which they have lost their connection to, is similar and can generally be achieved with one healing session.



Extraction healing involves the healer journeying to remove and transmute what is really just energy caught in the wrong place.This healing helps when we are not truly full of our own power, blockages and intrusions occur in our energy system, caused by our own beleifs and attitudes imagine a bee in your bonnet,a rod for your own back.








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