PSYCHO SEXUAL THERAPY is made up of a number of different components:

Individual Counselling which explores a person’s attitudes and beliefs towards sex as well as working through past sexual experiences which may in some way affect a person’s current relationship.

Couple Counselling which explores difficulties in the relationship which may affect their sexual relationship, as well as enabling the couple to develop an emotionally secure relationship that allows normal sexual relationship to be enjoyed.

 Provides clear information about all areas of a sexual relationship. Homework assignments are specifically designed techniques, which enable the couple to deal with particular sexual problems.

Colin has expertise in the following areas
- Sexual addiction including porn, cybersex, affairs
- Problems with ejaculation
- Problems with erections
- Lack of interest in sex
- Lack of closeness and intimacy
- Difficulties or lack of organis

-Sexual diversity

-Sexual offending



Sexual problems may arise from a more long term problem within the relationship or where a sexual problem has affected the relationship. Couple therapy can also help where there has been a change or breakdown with communication, trust, and respect for each other, or where circumstances have changed the relationship.

Staying together after the children leave home, managing sexual changes in older age, living with loss of a partner , developing new relationships, managing strong family ties.

Counselling tends to focus on specific issues or problems and in general takes approx 6 to 18 sessions.

Relationship therapy explores what each individual brings to the relationship in terms of previous relationships and family problems; how the dynamics and process in the relationship complement each other and are important to each other. A range of approaches are used to enable couples and to look at ways of resolving issues and to look at options available.

Anger and violence counselling explores the behavioural, attitudinal, and relationship issues. Counselling looks at enabling the person to control and stop abusive behaviour.

Counselling focuses on identifying the problem and developing confidence, and self-esteem in a person.

​ Focuses on practical exercises to reduce anxiety and provides cognitive and behavioural therapy to change thinking patterns which can cause anxiety.

Self esteem and confidence focus on ways of challenging and changing your thinking and perceptions towards yourself and others.

Psychotherapy tends to be more in depth and long term 1 to 3 years. Psychotherapy explores root causes of problems particularly childhood issues and relationship with parents.

Life coaching involves a relationship between you and your coach  tailored to your needs and aims. It is goal focused, action based and facilitative.

Mindfulness has been  shown to be particualrly helpful for anxiety, stress, depression and obsessional and chaotic thinking.



I have just started a practioner training in shamanic healing and will be offering low cost healing sessions while I am in training.


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